Frecuently asked questions 

Fall/Winter INDOOR Season 

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Want to enhance the children experience?

We become a family. We all suffer and enjoy the practices and games. If you are passionate about our teams then try becoming a coach or sponsoring with equipment (special requirements and training required), scholarships for others or being an active parent volunteer. You will make a great difference. If wanting to become a coach or assistant we ask you to register on our Club Association that includes a background check and benefits for you at a rate of 16 usd (paid from our donations). It is an online 15 minutes process. Active participation on parents encourages the growth and winning mentality of our teams. Coach assistants will receive a 50% discount from membership of their child

More Questions?

Parents role

Parents will be located on the side of the practice/game field and will follow positive attitudes at all times.

Is it recreational or competitive?

We have both recreational with the membership you pay plus  the option to be selcted and compete on tournaments up to Disney Tournaments. Players are trained to competing games inter-leagues (West vs. South) on west location on Saturday as a tournament. 

What do we bring to practices and games?

Uniforms distinguish us and become part of our quality practices so bring it every time. It helps promoting team building.


Children bring sneakers or specail indoor soccer shoes (flat sole), shin guards and water. Soccer Ball size #3 for age 5-7 and size # 4 for age 8 and up

Where  and when are the practices and site location?

We want to provide a location close by and adequate to our quality standards. Our facilities will be inidcated on the map here 

How are the teams formed and how many players?

Participation on games of your child will depend on the formation of teams. We need a minimum of 5 per team in each age division. We serve kids from 5-12 at this time.

We play 3 V 3 practice games up to 7 v 7 depending on the age division and the tournament we are preparing for. Head Coach coordinates team formation.


Is the sports jersey included?

Yes. Sports jersey will be included if signed up before the deadline. We call it team spirit shirt which will have the team colors,  and our team name and logo. After the deadline shirt is 10 USD each.

* Tournaments, Champions Training are not included on the Recreational membership and have additional cost.  Player can only join by invitation and selection of competitive players.

Where is it? and When?

Starts first week in November and ends January 28th.2016

West Location (Memorial/Eldridge Area): Once a week Monday 6-8pm (see emailed schedules for specific times for the age groups)

See location here

South Location(Bay Area/Friendswood): Once a week. Thursdays 6:00-7:30

See location here


A total of eight weeks (excluding holidays) practices and scrimmages training sessions in two months full of technique, practice and drills same location and day. Feeling competitive? We have a Champions Training and Selective Team* to participate at Regional and National Tournaments*


Maps of locations

How much does it cost?

Starts at 88.00 to 129.00 USD. with siblings price cut  Never/no registration fee or two payment plan available. This includes uniform shirt, practices, facilities, equipment, and coaching personnel. We will issue a coupon of 10 Youthfit dollars per referral who register with us applicable to the next registration to any of our programs .


Siblings pay less
Up to 50% off during pre-registration and 14 usd less per sibling after registration deadline . Kids 5 and under y.o pay only 99.00 Sibling must live in the same household.


Waiver/ release forms are required to practice.

For fields in which our club have no third party insurance, we must obtain a waiver/release Form signed by the parent.

Everyone gets

  • Team Shirt 

  • A medal

  • Club Picture


Sign up your team for 85 USD each player from 5 up to 7 players. NEVER a registration fee.

Pre- registration/ Registration

It’s not too late to register. Pre-Registration open up to two months before the season with a cost of 119 USD.  and obtain a team spirit shirt. After deadline, your will need to purchase your shirt online delivered at your home address. Registration will be 129.00 thereafter. After then we will accommodate first come first serve on our rosters. As long as we have availability in our roster we can accommodate your kid even late in the season. Season is eight weeks long. 


Please register online onsite paying then or through

online payment, Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, no cash or check accepted at the field of practice. We suggest purchasing a debit card in most convenience stores or supermarkets such as Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens and similar. Any questions will be kindly addressed by sending them to 


All communications to the parents will be through email or text message through our free automated system download the app remind on the apps store or the IO store.


Instead of a refund policy we suggest you transfer your membership to another child for the same or a different another season. We want your kid to have a super time with us! We will also refund your money minus 25 Usd admininstrative fee.

We have a deadline to form teams. So, sign up now make teams or give your name and we will form the team. After registering you may choose to ask for more information instead of paying up front. We want you to be excited about it before you join us!. Sponsors are welcome and sometimes we are able to award a particular type of scholarships so please register first and then contact us! We will love to help you! Already formed teams are welcome too.