Soccer is in our blood. Come and see us in action, ortry out and play with us! We are a local club who believes in healthy habits, mind body and soul through the expression of a competitive yet fun learning experience through the game of soccer.


Our local team likes to play for fun and learn the basics and pro tricks and strategies to become an excellent player. We started with the premise that everyone deserves to be healthy and practice a sport. We are interested in nuturing positive social interactions, competitiveness on the field, but most important, to love and believe in themselves while succeding in soccer.



Soccer Teams


Soccer Teams

Team explodes with energy.There are four teams:U12, U10, U8, and U6..


Soccer Teams

Our teams burn with passion and desire to play soccer. There are four teams: U12, U10, U8, and U6.


Soccer Teams

The universe of stars is ours and we conquer it. There are four teams U12, U10, U8, and U6


Team Suns

We are the biggest star in our league. There are four teams: U12, U10 U8 and U6.

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